• The 4th East-Asia Microscopy Conference
  • December 03-05, 2022
  • National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

Topic & Session

A. Instruments and Techniques

A1. Instrumentation and Advanced Techniques: Hardware, Software, Sample Prep., and Techniques
A2. Scanning Probe Microscopy
A3. Tomographic Microscopy
A4. X-ray Microscopy for Materials
A5. Phase TEM: Lorentz TEM/Holography/DPC
A6. Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS)
A7. In-situ Electron Microscopy
A8. Other in-situ techniques: X-ray, Synchrotron, Optical Microscopy, etc.

B. Materials Science

B1. Materials for Industry: Semiconductor, Photoelectric Device, Battery
B2. Structural Materials: Steels, Alloys, and Ceramics
B3. Nano Materials and Low/Various-Dimensional Materials
B4. Oxide Interface and Thin Film Heterostructure
B5. Advanced Materials

C. Life Science

C1. Histology and Cell Biology
C2. Biology of Plants and Microbes
C3. Molecular Labeling and Super-Resolved Fluorescence Microscopy
C4. Connectomics
C5. Biomaterials
C6. Structural Biology
C7. Competing Solution Approach