• The 4th East-Asia Microscopy Conference
  • December 03-05, 2022
  • National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

Presentation Guideline

Oral Presentation

Guideline for Oral Presentation
  • This oral presentation guideline in ONLY for in-person conference take place on Dec. 03, 2022.
  • For Oversea attendees, virtual conference (pre-recorded video oral presentation) will take place on Dec. 04-05, 2022. Please refer to the pre-recorded Video Upload page.
  • All abstracts accepted for the conference will be presented in oral or poster sessions. All presentations must be in English. Any author attending the conference must be a registered participant.
  • You are expected to notify the chairperson of the session about your presence just before the session starts. There will be no rearrangement of papers during the oral session to accommodate absences or cancellations, and the time you have been assigned during the oral session remains fixed.
  • Each contributed oral presentation shall last for 15 minutes. You shall arrange your talk from 12 minutes, leaving 2–3 minutes available to answer questions.
  • The presenter can get the certificate of presentation after the session.
  • The session rooms are equipped with a projector, a laptop, a laser pointer, and a screen.

Poster Presentation

To Taiwan Poster Presentation (Nationality: Taiwan):
  • All authors are responsible for printing and preparing your Poster before the beginning of conference.
  • In-person Poster session will take place on 14:35 to 16:00 Dec 03, 2022.
  • Poster size: Each poster board measures 84 cm (width) × 119 cm (height), A0 size.
  • You must include your assigned Abstract Code in your poster presentation.
  • Poster presenters are expected to arrange their material before the session starts. They should also be available during the poster session to answer questions and discuss their papers with the attendees. They are allowed to bring pre-prints for handouts. There are no parallel oral sessions during the poster sessions.
  • If you have more than one poster, and they are not side by side, you need to spread your time over all poster presentations. Please add a note on the poster board as to what time you will be present and inform the session chairperson(s).
  • It is NOT acceptable to merely post a copy of your paper. Such papers will be marked as “no-show” presentations. Please note that EAMC4 accepts no responsibility for any material that may be left behind, lost, stolen, or damaged.
To Overseas Poster Presentation (Nationality: excluded Taiwan):
  • Pre-recorded video Poster session will take place on 15:45 to 16:35 Dec 05, 2022.
  • Please prepare your presentation video according to these guidelines: Video Upload. The video should be in MP4 format, no longer than 5 mins, and no larger than 100MB. Then upload the video after November 20, 2022, and no later than November 25, 2022.

Photo Contest

Guideline for Photo Presentation
  • All authors are responsible for uploading the file of your Photo Contest in the website.
  • All authors are responsible for printing and preparing your Photo before the beginning of conference.
  • Photo size: Each Photo board measures 59 cm (width) × 42 cm (height), A2 size. (Please download the file of Photo Contest Form word icon(732 Kb))
  • It will be given to the photo with "the most popular votes" in each category.
  • List of categories:
    • P1. Optical microscope, OM.
    • P2. Scanning electron microscope, SEM.
    • P3. (Scanning) Transmission electron microscope, (S)TEM.
    • P4. 3D & in-situ TEM/STEM.
    • P5. Cryo-electron microscope, Cryo-EM.
    • P6. Other.

Poster & Photo Presentation Schedule (Notice only for Dec. 03 2022)

  • Poster presenters must setup or tear down their poster presentation as scheduled below.
  • Please be reminded that posters that have not been torn down during the tear-down time will be discarded without notice.
  Date Start End
Set up Poster & Photo Dec 03 10:30 15:35
Poster & Photo Session Dec 03 14:35 16:00
Removal of Poster & Photo Dec 03 16:45 18:00